Council Meeting Dates and Delegations


  • The Chair may limit the time taken by a delegation to (10) ten minutes. The delegation must appoint one spokesperson.
  • To allow members of Council to prepare for delegations, all presenters shall register with the Chief Administrative Officer at least by 11:00 am on the Monday prior to the Council meeting at which they wish to appear and advise the Chief Administrative Officer specifically of the topic they wish to address and scope of the presentation. Failure to specify the matter they wish to present to Council will result in an appointment being denied.
  • There shall be a limit to the number of delegations included on the agenda of a Council meeting, and this limit shall be 3 delegations, but the Chief Administrative Officer is granted authority to schedule additional delegations as is deemed appropriate.
  • The delegation shall wherever possible present a written submission to the Council for their records.
  • Council may, by resolution, limit the number of delegation appearances before Council by any one person in any given year.
  • Council may, by resolution, limit the number of times any delegation may appear before them regarding the same topic.
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