Arts and Culture

The Deloraine Border Festival presents an opportunity for students in southwest Manitoba to participate in a variety of artistic endeavours, a chance to perform, to learn and to enjoy.

Each spring, we listen and watch with joy and wonder as the artistic talent that blooms and grows in our communities is shared with others at our festival.

For more information on the festival please check out their website at Deloraine Border Festival

Affiliated with Manitoba Showcase a group of local residents with a passion for the arts and bringing entertainment locally set out a schedule of venues each year. Tickets for the Showcase shows are sold the first week of September. For more information visit our Southwest Showcase website or follow us on Facebook Southwest Showcase.

The local members of Southwest Showcase are:

Chairperson - Doug Whiteside

Treasurer - Jo-Anne Bolduc

Secretary - Val Sando

Bookings - Jo-Anne Bolduc / Merle Teetaert

Committee members - Donna Todd, Rose Long, Carl Long , Barb Williams and Donna McGregor

For more information on venues and tickets please contact Doug Whiteside at 204-747-2885 or