In June 2020 Deloraine-Winchester  Historical Society proposed the establishment of the Prairie Sentinels Park.

For many decades, grain elevators dotted the landscape along the C P rail line across the entire breadth of our community. At one time there were six elevators within town limits. Today there are none. This is unfortunate as an entire block of our community’s history has been lost. Cost prohibits either locating and moving an existing elevator or construction of a replica, even on a small scale.

Therefore DWHS proposed to dedicate the current park space to a pictorial history of the grain elevators – the sentinels of the prairies (so called because they “kept watch” over the prairies) – that were once so
vital to this community.

Our vision is to place story boards along the walkway in the park explaining the history and importance of grain elevators to the farming communities of Canada, with a specific focus on each of the elevators that once stood along the line through Deloraine –Ogilvie, N.M.
Paterson, Federal Grain, Farmer’s, Pool/Agricore, United Grain Growers.

Given the park’s location – on property where one of the six once stood – there is no better setting for telling the story of Deloraine’s very own prairie sentinels.

The opening of the park event to take place on 19 June 2021