The site of Old Deloraine is marked by one of only 2 stone bank vaults in existence in western Canada.

The vault was used prior to the town being relocated to its present day location.

Old Deloraine was established in 1882 on a site where Canadian Pacific Railway was predicted to pass through, but in 1886 CPR constructors favored the flat lands several miles to the North. Placed on skids, the buildings in the village were hauled over the snow that winter to the new town site and current location of Deloraine now. All that remains to mark Old Deloraine is the Bank Vault. It can be viewed by turning south on the golf course road, travel one mile, turn at the first left and travel to the first farm yard, also on your left and turn in. The Vault is located in the farmer’s yard, free to drive in the owners do not mind the company!

NE 30-2-22

GPS Coordinates:  49.159283, -100.407564

DMS Coordinates: 49°09’33.4″N 100°24’27.2″W