For all emergencies please dial 911.

We have a RCMP office located in Deloraine. To contact our local office please call 747-2810.

DBW Fire District is comprised of three municipalities (Deloraine, Winchester, Brenda) with 25 volunteers. Our Fire Chief is Jerry Redden, Deputy Chief Bill Astle, Lieutenants Sheldon Crepeele, Tyson Lehman, Kent Corkish and Scott Williams.

Our fleet consist of a fire truck, water truck, snowbulance, and crash wagon. For all emergencies please dial 911.

Help/Distress Lines:
Battered Women’s Crisis Line: Phone 1-800-362-3344
Child & Family Services: Phone 1-800-843-8980
Child Find Manitoba: Phone 1-800-387-7962
Domestic Violence Information/Crisis Line: Phone 1-877-977-0007
Environment Accident: Phone 1-204-944-4888
Facts of Life Line: Phone 1-800-432-1957
Farm & Rural Stress Line: Phone 1-888-367-3276