From our history to current by-laws…

The Government section of our website gives you insight into the Town of Deloraine and RM of Winchester history, leaders and by-laws.


Officials of the Municipality

Head Of Council – Gord Weidenhamer –
Ward 1 – Debbie Adams –
Ward 2 – Jon Gustafson –
Ward 3 – Duane Edwards –
Ward 4 – Sara Rommelaere –
Ward 5 – Dawna Tompsett –
Ward 6 – Stu Clelland –

Chief Administrative Officer – Pamela Hainsworth –

The Current boundaries of the Rural Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester were established in 1901 and include Townships 1 through 5 of Ranges 22 and 23WPM which tallied to an area of 288 square miles. The Rural Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester boasts a variety of socioeconomic lifestyles. From the resort area which includes Lakes Metigoshe, Hasselfield and Dromore to the rich agricultural sector, to its ever expanding oil industry, the Municipality has something to offer everyone. It’s a mecca for hunting, golfing, bird-watching and snowmobiling enthusiasts. The Rural Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester has joint ownership of a wide variety of arts, entertainment, recreational facilities and protective services for residents and visitors alike.

Mission Statement

The Municipal Council attempts to serve its ratepayers by sustaining and maintaining its present infrastructure and planning for long-term capital projects. The Council will develop Personnel and Policy procedures which promote continuity and succession planning, while promoting growth through various Cultural, Recreational, Economic and Heritage Initiatives, ever prudently observing current and future financial resources at its disposal.