Please Note: updated May 12 2020

All infomarion is subject to change, if in doubt please contact prior to visiting. 

Additionally OPEN or BUSINESS AS USUAL please abide by any policies or limits in place during this time.  Remember to socially distance and wash your hands.

Acti Labs (Sharah Burton)204-264-0905Available By Phone
Airport, Deloraine/Winchester204-747-2018Available By Phone
Aitchison, Bill – Septic Service204-747-2873Available By Phone
Andries Electric204-747-3462 Available By Phone
Angela Lay (Certified Reiki Practitioner, Energy and Crystal Healing, Spiritual Coach & Empathy, Oracle Card Readings and Guidance)204-576-0042Available By Phone
Avon (Arlette Weidenhamer)204-747-4108Available By Phone
Avonlea Sales & Rentals204-747-3318Open, Locked Door Policy, Please Call Ahead
Bar – Y Meats204-747-3966Available at Boundary Co-op Grocery
Bob the Builder – Carpenter/Handy Man204-747-2858Available By Phone
Bolduc & Bell Farms204-747-2913Available By Phone
Border Aircraft Maintenance Ltd204-747-2990Available By Phone
Border Hills Housing CO-OP204-747-3154Available By Phone
Boundary Consumers CO-OP ADMIN204-747-2291Business As Usual
Boundary CO-OP Kiosk204-747-2226Business As Usual
Boundary CO-OP FOOD Store204-747-2316Business As Usual
Boundary CO-OP HOME Center204-747-2226Business As Usual
Boundary CO-OP FUEL Truck204-534-8548Business As Usual
Bren Del Win Centennial Library204-747-2415Business As Usual
Bussman Construction204-747-3726Available By Phone
Canada Post204-747-3305Business As Usual
Canada’s Tree Service204-747-2661Available By Phone
Cappella Crochet (Angela Lay)204-576-0042Available By Phone
Centennial Apartments204-747-2717Available By Phone
Champion Solutions-Bookkeeping & Consulting Services (Cora Champion)204-215-0329Available By Phone
Charlene’s Book Cove (Charlene Stovin)204-747-3739Available By Phone
Charlene Stovin Artist204-747-3739Available By Phone
Country Lane Eavestroughing204-534-7904Available By Phone
CJS Arts and Works (Christine West)204-747-2432Available By Phone
Crop Insurance204-747-2889Open, Locked Door Policy, Please Call Ahead
Crowe’s Car Wash204-522-6224Business As Usual
D & L Janitorial Services204-747-2663Available By Phone
D & M Motors Autobody204-747-2182Business As Usual
D & M Tree Service/Lawn Care/Cleaning204-747-2905Available By Phone
Dawna Tompsett (Certified Professional Organizer)204-747-4199Available By Phone
Debbie Crepeele – Housecleaning Service204-747-2784Available By Phone
Deloraine Ag Society204-747-2278Available By Phone
Deloraine & Area Congregate Meals204-747-2299Available By Phone
Deloraine Winchester Campground204-747-5991CLOSED 
Deloraine Golf Club204-400-5221Open Course Greens ONLY 
Deloraine Legion204-747-2424Take Orders Only –   Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Deloraine Motor Inn204-747-2076Vendor Only
Deloraine Plumbing & Heating204-747-3449Available By Phone
Deloraine-Winchester Municipal Office204-747-2655Open, Locked Door Policy, Please Call Ahead
Deloraine-Winchester Recreation,  Tourism & Econimic Development204-747-3668Open, Locked Door Policy, Please Call Ahead
Don Vanhantsaeme – Firewood204-534-7777Available By Phone
Doug’s Handy Work – Handyman/carpenter204-747-3829Available By Phone
Franz Hoeppner Wiens Law Office204-747-2082Open, Locked Door Policy, Please Call Ahead
Fine Artz Hair Design204-747-2199No Walk-Ins, Appointment Only, Please Call
GOOD.4.M.E. (Teresa Dillabough)204-747-4544Available By Phone
Grant’s Home Repair (Grant Cassils)204-747-2000Available By Phone
Grant’s Small Engine (Grant Lesy)204-747-2816Available By Phone
Griffith Construction204-747-3028Available By Phone
Hainsworth Backhoe Service204-747-2470Available By Phone
Handy Van Inc.204-522-5732Available By Phone, Operating In the Municipality ONLY
Hasselfield Drugs Ltd.204-747-2648Open, Delivery Available 
Hoysun Chinese Restaurant204-747-3673Open, Take Out Only
IG Wealth Management (Kayla Munro)204-747-4132Available By Phone
Jaytan Excavation & Transfer Ltd.204-747-4022Available By Phone
Janography – Photography (Janice Moffat)204-747-4664Available By Phone
JRB Electric (Jayson Bell)204-747-4305Available By Phone
J J Lock & Key Service204-747-2006Business As Usual
K G Carpet204-747-3104Business As Usual
Kirkwood Ag & Auto204-747-3104Business As Usual
Kirsten Janzen – Housecleaning and Organization Services204-747-4480Available By Phone
Kohinski, Dennis – Carpenter204-747-3682Available By Phone
Lloyd Carey (Automotive Repair)204-747-2331Available By Phone
Mary Kay (Cheryl Gordon)204-534-7394Available By Phone
Mary Kay (Inge Carey)204-747-2331Available By Phone
Meighen Haddad & Co. Law Office204-747-2258Appointments Only, Please Call
Meyers Norris Penny LLP – Accounting204-747-2842Open, Locked Door Policy, Please Call Ahead
Midwestern Redi Mix Concret & Gravel204-747-2668Business As Usual
Michelle’s Baking (Michelle Vercaigne)204-747-4199Available By Phone
Michelle’s Handcrafted Quilts (Michelle Vercaigne)204-747-4199Available By Phone
MojiLife (Janice Moffat)204-747-4664Available By Phone
Morningstar Financial (Desjardin)204-747-2186Available By Phone
Morrison Agencies Ltd. – Autopac/General Insurance204-747-2606Open, Please Call Ahead
Mountain Berry Orchard204-747-4509Available By Phone
MGI Financial (Doug Morningstar & Meaghan Astle)204-747-2186Available By Phone
M.T. Outhouse Services Ltd. 204-522-6509Available By Phone
Music For Young Children (Tannis Hofer)204-747-2798Available By Phone
Neora (Teresa Dillabough)204-747-4544Available By Phone
Nestibo Agra204-747-2904Open, Locked Door Policy, Please Call Ahead
Nu Look Beauty Salon (located at Centennial Apartments)204-747-3184No Walk-Ins, Appointment Only, Please Call
Nutrien Ag Solutions204-747-2877Open, Locked Door Policy, Please Call Ahead
Olson Reality/Autopac/General Insurance/Liquor & Water Vendor204-747-2686Business As Usual
Optimize Massage204-534-0733Available By Phone
Origin Plumbing and Heating204-215-0056Available By Phone
Pampered Chef (Marieann Storey)204-922-2016Available By Phone
Paterson Grain & Farm Supply204-747-2333Open, Locked Door Policy, Please Call Ahead
Petals & Presents (seasonal)204-747-2120Business As Usual
Plexus (Christine West)204-747-2432Available By Phone
Prairie Cuts (Melissa Morrison)431-236-3078No Walk-Ins, Appointment Only, Please Call
Prairie Polished (Chelsea Vanrobaeys)204-747-4331Available By Phone
Prairie Framers – Prints, Custom Framing, Photo Restoration, Printing204-576-0167 Brenda or 204-576-0078 FrancesAvailable By Phone
Prairie Skills Employment Services Project204-747-2610Open, Locked Door Policy, Please Call Ahead
Poole Electric204-747-2801Available By Phone
RBC Royal Bank204-747-1803                 1-800-769-2520Available By Phone – mornings
RBC Mortgage Specialist (Tammy Olson)204-747-4572Available By Phone
RBC Mortgage Specialist (Aimee Sobry)204-522-5507Available By Phone
RCMP Deloraine Barracks204-747-2810  No Counter Service, Please Call             Boissevain 204-534-7262  Killarney 204-5323-7293
Racine Tree Service204-747-2841Available By Phone
Rapid City Memorials 1-800-890-5114Available By Phone
Real Interiors (Home Improvement)204-747-4480Available By Phone
Rendezvous Restaurant204-747-3463Open, Take Out or Delivery
Salon 747 (Stacey Colquhoun)204-747-4466No Walk-Ins, Appointment Only, Please Call
Scott Smith Photography204-451-8082Available By Phone
Senior Outreach Services SOS204-747-3283Available By Phone
Simply Essential Mini Day Spa204-747-3889Available By Phone
Simplicity Clothing204-747-3837Open, Reduced Hours 10-4
Solemates Foot Care204-747-2128 or 204-747-2355Available By Phone
Station X Escape Rooms & Amusement204-747-3913Closed, Please Call
Stephen J. Nasby Computer Repair1-866-578-4888Available By Phone
Sun Country Eco Store (in Nestibo Agra)204-747-4770Open, Locked Door Policy, Please Call Ahead
Stovin, Murray – Carpenter204-747-2432Available By Phone
Sunrise Credit Union204-747-2336Open, Locked Door Policy, Please Call Ahead
Sweet Solutions (Sheryl Billiaert)204-747-2567Available By Phone
Sweet Creamz204-747-3194Open, Take Out Window Only
TR Kliever Building Ventures204-522-0110Available By Phone
This, That & Whatever – Handyman (Stephen Nasby)1-866-578-4888Available By Phone
Times & Star Newspaper (Corner Pocket)204-747-2249Publication Suspended
Tim’s Backhoe Service204-747-4477Available By Phone
Turtle Mountain Resort – General Store and Velvet Antler Cafe204-747-3919Business As Usual, Take Out Only for Cafe
Turtle Mountain Conservation District204-747-2530Business As Usual, Call 
Turtle Mountain Performance and Repair204-747-2450Available By Phone
Turtle Mountain Transfer (Danny Wells)204-522-6547Available By Phone
Tundra Oil Office204-748-3095Available By Phone
Tyronne Jacobson – Car Photography204-747-4522Available By Phone
Van Auto & Diesel204-747-3303Business As Usual
Vehicle Detailing (Tyronne Jacobson)204-747-4522Available By Phone
Vehicle Detailing (Steve Roberts)204-264-0905Available By Phone
WCG TV Deloraine Access TV204-747-2934Available By Phone
Wealth Planning Group (The)204-747-3592Available By Phone
Weed District – Brenda Winchester204-747-2586Available By Phone
Wee R Special Inc Daycare204-747-2111Closed
Wendy Vandendorpe – Housecleaning Services 204-747-4292Available By Phone
Westman Communications Group800-665-3337Available By Phone
Wheatland Funeral Service        (Smith Funeral Home)204-747-2088Available By Phone
Wilderness Inn204-747-3300Closed, Please Call
Woodworks by Everett            (Everett Carey)204-747-2434Available By Phone
Deloraine School (K-12)866-422-5116SUSPENDED
Wee R Special Nursery School          (3 & 4 Yr Pre-K)204-747-3904SUSPENDED
Bren-Del-Win Lodge204-747-1826No Visitors Allowed,   Please Call
Clinic204-747-2461Please Call Before Attending
Delwynda Court Personal Care Home204-747-1816No Visitors Allowed,   Please Call
Domestic Violence Crisis Line/Information877-977-0007Please Call 
Home Care, Mental Health, Public Health204-747-2551Please Call Before Attending
Hospital Administration Office204-747-2745Please Call Before Attending
Hospital Nurses Station204-747-2243Please Call Before Attending
Hospital Lab & X Ray204-747-1818Please Call Before Attending
Palliative Care204-747-1832Please Call Before Attending
Physiotherapist204-747-2461Please Call Before Attending
Westman Women’s Shelter800-862-2727Please Call 
Bren-Del-Win Centennial Library204-747-2415Business As Usual
Deloraine Curling Rink204-747-2466CLOSED
Deloraine Golf Course204-747-2411Course Greens Open ONLY 
Deloraine Winchester Community Complex – Hall204-747-2655CLOSED
Deloraine Winchester Swimming Pool204-747-3088CLOSED
Deloraine Winchester Theatre204-747-2670CLOSED
Doc Bonar Arena204-747-2104CLOSED
Mountview Center204-747-2846CLOSED
Pool Room204-747-2350Please Call 
Fellowship Community Church (Waskada)204-658-3472No Gatherings, Please Call
Harvest Community Church204-747-3499No Gatherings, Please Call
St. Andrew’s Anglican Church (Rectory)204-483-2404No Gatherings, Please Call
St. Antonius Catholic Church (Rectory)204-747-2195No Gatherings, Please Call
Southwest Youth For Christ204-522-3998No Gatherings, Please Call
Turtle Mountain Bible Camp204-747-2587No Overnight Camps, Please Call 
United Church (office)204-747-2246No Gatherings, Please Call