In compliance with Bill 33, the Rural Municipality and the Town of Deloraine have amalgamated to form the Rural Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester.

The term of office for the 2014 will commence January 1, 2015, although candidates will be an interim body which will be reviewing policy matters, organizational structure etc. The present Council(s) will continue to function independently, and take care of routine business matters of their respective separate municipalities from the day after election until the new Council takes office in 2015. The current ward system of the Rural Municipality will remain the same (boundaries) and the former Town of Deloraine will become Ward 5 (see attached map link). One Council member will be elected from each of the rural wards, and 4 Council members will be elected at large from the urban ward. One head of Council will be elected at large. Pamela Hainsworth has been appointed the Senior Election Official (referred to as SEO) for the Rural Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester.

Important Dates:

May 1 to September 16 Period for Head of Councils to register
June 30 to September 16 Period for Councillors to register
September 10, 11, 12, 15 & 16 Nomination Period
July 24 first Date to apply in writing to vote by sealed envelope
August 15 Voters List completion target date
September 16 last date for changes to be made to the voters list
September 18 SEO to declare candidates elected by acclamation and/or election
September 24 Ballots/sealed envelope opportunities commence
October 16 Advance Poll
October 19 Advance voting opportunities end
October 22 Election Day
October 23 SEO to announce official results

For more information please visit http://www.winchester.ca/2014_election_webpage_data.htm

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